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Indradhanu is an independent student-driven resource body committed to raising collective consciousness and sensitization on the lives and struggles of diverse gender and sexual minorities among the IIT Delhi campus fraternity. The objective of the collective is two-pronged - on one hand, we are committed to creating a conducive space for diverse gender and sexual minorities in the campus to explore, socialize, learn and unlearn in a safe, comforting, and holistic environment, and on the other, it collaborates with relevant institute-level bodies on policy formulation and decisions that concern the rights, needs and human development of persons belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. It is done through a range of activities like community-level robust support mechanisms, awareness programmes, thematic dialogues, knowledge creation and hosting social events.

Since 2013, the collective has played instrumental role in mainstreaming conversations on the rights of LGBTQIA+ persons within the campus through talks, pride marches and on the national stage by being a part of the Pan IIT petitioners' group that challenged the constitutional validity of Indian Penal Code 377 (that criminalized homosexuality).

Indradhanu endeavours to make IIT Delhi a more gender and sex- positive campus and strive towards the intersectional causes of social justice, equality, and freedom.

our charter

Indradhanu Charter encapsulates the purpose of the collective in IIT Delhi.

  • Enhance the institute's commitment towards safeguarding the fundamental right to life with dignity of every constituent of the IIT Delhi fraternity through robust support mechanisms, thematic dialogues, and awareness materials.
  • Strive to educate and enhance understanding, acceptance, and awareness regarding LGBTQ+ issues and concerns among the campus community.
  • Promote equality and mitigate heteronormative stereotypes, homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia and any form of discrimination or violence based on marginalised gender and sexual identities.
  • Provide accessible infrastructure and supportive space to individuals, who have faced discrimination, harassment, or intimidation because of their sexual orientations and/or gender identities/expressions.
  • Advice relevant bodies (office or council) on institute policy formulation, amendments and decisions that concerns the rights, needs and human development of persons with marginalised gender and sexual identities.
  • Further the institute's mission to prepare students to become contributing, compassionate citizens of society by instilling the values of social justice and elimination of all forms of discrimination in their thoughts and actions.
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our team

Prof. Angelie Multani (She/Her)

Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Professor (Literature), HSS

Dr. Shahzad Gani (He/Him)

Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor (Centre for Atmospheric Sciences)

Vaivab Das


PhD Scholar, HSS



B.Tech. Chemical Engg.

Ambrish Maurya


Masters in Public Policy

Shantanu Kartha


B.Tech. in Biochemical Engg. and Biotechnology

Nitesh Kanojia


PhD Scholar

Rahul Bhardwaj


B.Tech. Mathematics and Computing

Rahul Jassal


B.Tech. Mathematics and Computing

Unnati Goyal


B.Tech. Civil Engg.

Bhavesh Darpan


B.Tech. Applied Mechanics

Kumar Yash


M.Sc. Cog Sc, HSS